Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production

Because it is the communication tool par excellence, every business needs a corporate video, the new business card.

An institutional film targets audiences such as the company’s staff, shareholders, suppliers, or customers.

The radio/TV spot era is not over; on the contrary. With the rise of new media, corporate video has become the calling card of all companies or personalities in a position to assume particular success in their business and customer relationships. It is synonymous with class and pride and is considered a success. Your company must have one, and it must be of standard quality.

A Corporate video is an excellent way to transmit a multitude of information in a short time. Statistics have proven that more than 70% of people prefer to refer to a video to learn more about a product or service than text. Big brands are reacting to the trend to capitalize on it. Any marketing plan wishing for a lasting impact includes a video presenting the company, its vision, philosophy, history, and privileged relationship with customers.

We write your script according to your expectations and illustrate it with standard quality images to convey maximum information and sublime details in one minute and 55 seconds.

If your business covers a wide range of specialties and services, it can sometimes be difficult to sum up, everything you do. An explainer video about the company can help you present your offer in an understandable format that can get your customers to react much faster.

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