Political Campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean

Hello Latin America and Caribbean! Whether in the public, private or non-governmental organizations, the needs in mass or inter-institutional communication are taking shape and we have always been at the center of these
daily expectations. So we converged
in a multi-disciplinary team mastering, each as far as it is concerned, one or more fields
media in terms of campaign design, content creation or new
Canal H is made up of professionals who have shone or are still working in the field of
Communication, Public Relations, Media Relations, Branding and Advertising
at the highest level. It is a network of communication experts and journalists active in the media
and driven by a sense of excellence and continuous innovation. They are united around a strategy
aiming to maintain a structure covering all communication needs in an integrated manner
in order to cause a greater impact.
We count among our human resources, former communication directors of large
local companies, state institutions and a network of opinion leaders under the direction
of Herold Israel, former Secretary of State for Communication in Haiti and filmmaker from the New York Film Academy (Los Angeles). This battery of skills and antennae
allows us to aim for the best strategies, the best creation, the best achievements, for
best communication solutions.
We have our own audio, video and photo creation studios, a network of information sites,
and privileged access to Latin America and Caribbean media.


Studies and Documents, content for newspapers
Books, Periodicals, Magazines
Audiovisual content: Pubs, Reports, Advertorials, Films, Documentaries
All media communication tools
Contact: (754)399 8913

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