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At Canal H, we provides professional video production and editing services, giving you a partner to take your dreams and ideas and turn them into innovative and shareable video contents, ready to be used either for entertainment, marketing, advertising, branding and/or broadcasting (TV, Youtube etc.). 

  • Our Corporate Video contents are set to inspire audiences, triggers emotional responses and sticks in the viewer’s head. We offer a fully end-to-end production service intended for different audiences; such as the company’s staff, its shareholders, its suppliers or even its customers.
  • Our Signature Pre-Birthday Video provides an everlasting impact on your love ones. Visit us to watch demos, chose template and outline your preferences.

We are committed to support your goals and ideas.

Contact/Quote: (754) 399 8913

email: info@canalhmedia.com

Canal H: The South Florida local platform of  video creators dedicated to help you get what you need on Budget and on time.